Why are we so different ?

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Our team share a common goal, our team has similar skill set. We share a laugh within ourselves, we share a drink with our customers. Customers are unique in our eyes and there are the greatest asset. Lastly we all eat the same produce that we sell to our customers. "Truly"

Discerning clients and customers

A lot of our clients are in the gourmet end of the market, and demand the best produce at the most competitive price. We have strict quality control standards and an externally audited and internationally recognised food safety program ensuring we deliver just that.

Here for the long haul

We don't have customers that come and go. All of our clients are with us for the long term, and are treated as part of the family. They are committed to us because we are committed to them.

We've been on your side of the fence

We have an in depth understanding and appreciation of what our customers want and need because we have owned and run supermarkets. When we couple this with our wholesaling and growing experience, we have a knowledge base unprecedented in the industry, which of course we are always happy to share with our customers.

We take your business personally

Don't be surprised if we want to get to know the ins and outs of your business. By knowing what makes you and your customers tick, we can supply you with exactly what you need. After all, treating everyone the same is like comparing apples with oranges.

Above all, quality

After decades in the industry, we know top quality produce when we see it. That's why we don't promise the lowest prices, just the highest quality produce that represents the best value for money.