Toodyay IGA

To whom it may concern

I write this reference for Jerry Lobbin and his Business Vision Produce as a provider of wholesale fruit and Veg.

I have known Jerry for 6 years and have been using his services for 3 years.

I have complete confidence in recommending Vision Produce as a wholesale provider to any retailer with the combination of Visions helpful staff and Jerry's ability to bulk purchase from the market to give the retailer the best possible pricing available. As a retailer myself for 9 years, I myself use to go to the market in the early morning to purchase direct, but after a 12 month period I realised that I did not have the buying power as that of a wholesaler like Vision Produce hence I made the move to Vision and have been very satisfied since.

The convenience to just park up outside Vision Produce packing shed and be loaded with fully wrapped pellets is very quick and convenient.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me please do not hesitate to call me, in closing I sincerely believe if you chose Vision Produce as your fruit and Veg wholesaler they will not let you down and there lifetime of experience would definitely help you grow your business.

Yours Sincerely
Dean Carter owner Toodyay IGA