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"Our service separates us from the herd"
Tailored Buying and Competitive In-store Specials

Not all stores are the same.

Let us buy the produce that suits your store, achieving the desired price point, increasing sales and developing a happy customer base.

Hands-on Buying Team


There are no robots here.

All orders are entered manually by our knowledgeable buying team, eliminating ordering errors and reducing waste.

Merchandising and Relay Assistants


We shop with our eyes.

Our merchandising specialists will assist in making your store  a visual delight, while passing on knowledge of marketing and how to care for your produce, increasing your sales and reducing your waste.

High Level of Quality Control
with HACCP Accreditation

Cleanliness is key and quality sells.

Dealing with great quality products while still achieving the best value for your customers.


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